Comment Avoir Jibakoma Dans Yo Kai Watch 2?

How do you get Jibakoma in yo-Kai Watch 2?

The only way to get Jibakoma in Yo-kai Watch Blasters is to use the Jibakoma Boost Coin (which can be obtained by scanning the QR code on the back of the Jibakoma B medals) or the Special Coin in the Crank-a-kai. As it is Crank-a-kai, the chance of getting Jibakoma can be random.

What food does Jibakoma like?

His favorite food is chocobars. He can be acquired in YKW2 by scanning in this QR code and going to the school nurse on the first floor. He made his debut in an episode that parodied “Fist of The North Star” when Jibanyan and Komasan accidentally fused in a whirlwind.

How do you evolve Komajiro in yo-Kai Watch 2?

35, and in Yo-kai Watch 2, it is set at Lv. 33. As of Yo-kai Watch Blasters, he can evolves into Komiger when fused with a Swirly Soul.

How do you get S rank Jibanyan?

Jibanyan S can only be found in Yo-kai Watch 2 by downloading the Oni Evolution Update for free, from the Nintendo eShop. After completing the main storyline of Bony Spirits, he can be found at the intersection near The Fish Place in Uptown Springdale.

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What Yo-Kai do you need to get Komashura?

He scorches his foes with infernal flame.” Komashura (Japanese: しゅらコマ, Shurakoma) is an Rank S, Fire-attribute Legendary Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe and the Goriki tribe in Yo-kai Watch 4.

How do you get Baddinyan in yo-Kai watch 1?

Baddinyan can only be freed from the Crank-a-kai, though the player could also get him in Stage 44 during the Terror Time Event.

How do I get Wondernyan?

Wondernyan can be obtained after scanning a QR code at Piggleston Bank. After scanning, the player will receive the Wonderer’s Bell. Wondernyan appears at the right side of Cicada Canyon in Mt. Middleton.

How do you make Flamurices?

Flamurice (Japanese: 焼きおに斬り, Yakionigiri) is a Rank A, Fire-attribute Yo-kai of the Brave tribe. Flamurice evolves from Slicenrice starting at level 31.

Who is Komason’s mom?

Koma Kaachan is the mother of Komasan and Komajiro and deeply loves and cares for her two sons.

How do you befriend in Darknyan?

Darknyan can be befriended after beating the main story. The player must first obtain the Dark Bell by scanning the QR code as shown to the right. In Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls, Darknyan will immediately appear and can be found in the warehouse where Dame Dedtime was fought.

What level is Hovernyan?

Hovernyan (Japanese: フユニャン, Fuyunyan) is a Rank B, Wind-attribute Rare Yo-kai of the Brave tribe, and the Omamori tribe as of Yo-kai Watch 4.

How do I get Hovernyan s?

Yo-kai Watch 3 Scan the Hovernyan S QR code then go inside the Blasters House basement. This is a daily battle until you befriend him but when you defeat him the 1st time, you will get a S Stone Fragment.

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