Comment Scanner Qr Code Yokai Watch?

Where do you scan QR codes in yo-Kai Watch 3?

All you have to do is go to the receptionist at either Bank locations in BBQ or Springdale, and they’ll ask you to scan a QR code with your 3DS camera. For ones that give Yo-kai you’ll receive a special item that’ll allow you to find the Yo-kai. Below you’ll find a list of officially revealed codes.

How do I get Sailornyan?

Sailornyan can only be found within the Crank-a-kai by using 5-Star Coins, being a Medium-rank win in the Wildwood Crank-a-kai, and a Big-rank win in the Dream Roulette Crank-a-kai. Alternatively, she can be found in Busters Treasure Mode, in the Nuphinx: Favorite Mouth 5 stage.

How do you get Buchinyan?

To befriend Buchinyan, the player needs to save a Yo-kai Cam picture to the 3DS in Yo-kai Watch, then switch to Yo-kai Watch 2 and go to Mt. Wildwood. Talk to Mister E. to receive a Select-A-Coin +. Use it on the Crank-a-kai and choose between Komasan, Noko, and Buchinyan.

How do you get brutal in yo-Kai Watch 3?

To obtain Brutle, the player must fuse Snartle with a Perilous Pearl.

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How do you get Eggcelency in yo-Kai Watch 3?

Yo-kai Watch 3 In the Japanese version, she could only be obtained by entering in a code for the Wobbly Egg Key Item obtained from Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble, after clearing missions to obtain the Yo-kai in the game.

How do I update my Yokai Watch 3?

Download the Yo-Kai Watch Update from the Nintendo eShop or the HOME Menu. Once the download is complete, the update will automatically be applied. The newest version number will be displayed on the title screen.

What Yo-Kai holds a small staff?

Oden can now be purchased from Shopper’s Row Everymart. Holds a small staff in one hand.

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