FAQ: Comment Avoir Obs Kyubi Yo Kai Watch 2?

Can you get Kyubi in bony spirits?

By the end of his encounters with Katie, he finds that he’s actually been charmed by her instead. In the games, Venoct and Kyubi are treated like opposites. For example, in the second game, Kyubi is part of the Fleshy Souls while Venoct is part of the Bony Spirits.

Why was yo-Kai watch Cancelled?

In April 2019, Disney XD. removed the Yo-kai Watch anime from its lineup due to declining ratings and replaced it with Inazuma Eleven: Ares, two months after the third game’s NA release date. The franchise is also popular in Europe, with the original game’s sales outpacing the Japanese release as of October 2016.

How do you get Frostail in Yokai Watch 2?

Frostail (犬神 Inugami?, literally meaning “Dog God”) is a rare S rank yo-kai obtained by getting a black capsule from a yellow coin, special coin, or a five starred coin. Another way to get him in the second game was to go to En En Tunnel and reach 40,000 meters and you can find him.

How do you befriend Venoct?


  1. Talk to an old man near the grave behind the Shoten Temple.
  2. Talk to Flushback in the Yo-kai World.
  3. Talk to Venoct on Mount Wildwood Summit at night.
  4. Fight Venoct to finish the quest.
  5. Wait 1 day after the Quest to battle him again to befriend him if possible.
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Is Kyubi a girl or boy?

In human form, Kyubi is a young boy about the same age as Keita. Even in this form, Kyubi is still quite feminine.

Where can I get Kyubi?

Four quests must be completed to obtain Kyubi. The first quest is called “Flower for the Shrine.” This quest can be obtained from a lady in the Gourd Pond Museum during the Post Game. You must find the Forever Flower item by defeating Pinkipoo in the Yo-kai World. It will randomly drop or may be in wisps.

What Yo-Kai do you need to get Komashura?

He scorches his foes with infernal flame.” Komashura (Japanese: しゅらコマ, Shurakoma) is an Rank S, Fire-attribute Legendary Yo-kai of the Mysterious tribe and the Goriki tribe in Yo-kai Watch 4.

Is Yo-Kai Watch appropriate?

This anime series takes a surprisingly intuitive and visual approach to exploring emotions, even if the whole unseen-forces-controlling-people’s-actions angle is a bit disconcerting for younger kids. In any case, Yo-Kai Watch is a great starting point for talking about feelings and behavior with kids and tweens.

Is Yo-Kai watch a Pokémon rip off?

Yo-Kai Watch began as a manga and was adapted into an anime in Japan in 2014. Like Digimon, Yo-Kai Watch has become popular in its own right; however, the similarities between the anime and Pokémon are unmistakable. Instead of Poké Balls, however, they use their special Yo-Kai Watches.

How do you get Goldenyan in Yokai Watch 1?

Goldenyan can be freed from the Crank-a-kai by using Orange Coins. A Goldenyan lies in a state of low power within the Trophy Room located in the center of Gourd Pond Park, which is firstly accessed to the player by obtaining their first Yo-criminal Trophy.

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How do you get damona in yo-Kai watch?

Damona is unlocked by downloading the game digitally. After downloading digitally and updating to version 1.1, the player can download an item off the internet and receive an item to battle Damona. Once the item is received, Damona can be battled in Nate’s World next to the bakery after completing Chapter 3.

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