Les lecteurs demandent: Comment Avoir Robonyan F Yo Kai Watch 1?

How do you get Robonyan in yo-Kai watch 1?

Robonyan rarely appears in trash piles and dustbins in the Construction Site at night (Downtown Springdale). He can also be freed from the Crank-a-kai with 3DS Play Coins.

Is Robonyan a Jibanyan?

In the anime, Robonyan is the future version of Jibanyan. He travelled to the time where Jibanyan was a yokai living with Keita to tell him about what happens to him when he’s in the future.

How do you get Robonyan F in yo-Kai watch blasters?

Yo-kai Watch 3 Robonyan F can be obtained by using a 5-Star coin in the BBQ Crank-a-kai. Alternatively he can be obtained in the Labyrinth of the Ryuu Dragon in the Blasters T mode.

Why did Amy Call Jibanyan a lame cat?

Yo-kai Watch (anime) In The Terrifying Intersection, she appears in Jibanyan’s flashback when recalling the moment he died as Rudy. Upon his death, Amy only referred to him as a “lame cat” for dying by a simple truck crash. For the shame, Jibanyan chose to repress these memories.

How do you get S rank Jibanyan?

Jibanyan S can only be found in Yo-kai Watch 2 by downloading the Oni Evolution Update for free, from the Nintendo eShop. After completing the main storyline of Bony Spirits, he can be found at the intersection near The Fish Place in Uptown Springdale.

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Where is Robo Noko?

Robonoko’s QR Code After scanning the QR Code to get the Noko Cog, Robonoko appears on the leftmost side of the Dingle Falls Station and can be fought and befriended via normal means once a day.

How do I get Sailornyan?

Sailornyan can only be found within the Crank-a-kai by using 5-Star Coins, being a Medium-rank win in the Wildwood Crank-a-kai, and a Big-rank win in the Dream Roulette Crank-a-kai. Alternatively, she can be found in Busters Treasure Mode, in the Nuphinx: Favorite Mouth 5 stage.

How do you get Goldenyan in Yokai Watch 1?

Goldenyan can be freed from the Crank-a-kai by using Orange Coins. A Goldenyan lies in a state of low power within the Trophy Room located in the center of Gourd Pond Park, which is firstly accessed to the player by obtaining their first Yo-criminal Trophy.

How do you get Moximous n in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Moximous N can be befriended when the player links all 3 versions of Yo-kai Watch 2 together and plays as Nate. The player must find the item known as the Moxie Mark in Ultra Mystery Way. With this item, Moximous N will show up in the grave behind the player’s Grandma’s house in Harrisville.

How do you get Dazzabel in Yokai Watch 2?

Yo-kai Watch 2 Dazzabel can be found in flowerbeds at night in Breezy Hills and on the 2nd floor of Gourd Pond Museum at night. Furthermore she can also be found in Gates of Whimsy.

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