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How do you get Robonyan F in Yokai Watch blasters?

Yo-kai Watch 3 Robonyan F can be obtained by using a 5-Star coin in the BBQ Crank-a-kai. Alternatively he can be obtained in the Labyrinth of the Ryuu Dragon in the Blasters T mode. Robonyan F has a unique ability in the Yo-kai Vacuum Cleaner, where he “will only collect Chocobars.”

How do you befriend Momonyan?

The player can befriend Momonyan by pulling him from the Crank-a-kai or Dream Wheel with Wanderer Coins, which can be obtained as a reward for using StreetPass or as a Clu-T-fact memo in the Labyrinth of Legend in Blasters T.

How do you get Odysseynyan?

Yo-kai Watch Blasters Scan the QR code to receive the Dragon King’s Chest. The player then has a chance to befriend Odysseynyan during the sub-quest “Momotaro Hunter 2” while playing as Momonyan or Kintaronyan.

How do you befriend Enma awoken?

Then, go to the Cluvian Continent and talk to Mister E. He will give the player an Awoken Tag. The player will then have access to the dungeon Mt Cluvimpus – Lord Enma Awoken. Upon beating the dungeon, there is a rare chance that the player will befriend Lord Enma Awoken.

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How do you befriend ancient Enma?

How to befriend: Talk to Mr. E at the far side of the Cluvian Continent to collect a Deva Tag. If the player gets an Ancient tag, they can spend it in the Forbidden Dungeons to battle and have a small chance to befriend Ancient Enma in Blasters T.

Is Robonyan a Jibanyan?

In the anime, Robonyan is the future version of Jibanyan. He travelled to the time where Jibanyan was a yokai living with Keita to tell him about what happens to him when he’s in the future.

How do you get S rank Jibanyan?

Jibanyan S can only be found in Yo-kai Watch 2 by downloading the Oni Evolution Update for free, from the Nintendo eShop. After completing the main storyline of Bony Spirits, he can be found at the intersection near The Fish Place in Uptown Springdale.

How do you get Nyansalot in yo-Kai Watch 3?

Yo-kai Watch 3 The player will get Sir Nyansalot when they completed the Yo-kai Ring ‘Taro Nyan Trio’.

How do you get Chimpanyan in Yokai Watch 3?

Yo-kai Watch 3 Chimpanyan can be found in Cluphinx Spade Mouth ② in Blasters T as a Clu-T Fact.

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