Question: Yo-Kai Watch 2 Comment Avoir Zerberker?

How do you get Zerberker in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Obtain a Betrayed Blade by defeating White Reuknights at Hooligan Road in the Yo-kai World, then go to the graveyard behind the Shoten Temple at night, and give Zerberker his lost sword. He will then fight the player and join the player automatically once they defeat him.

How do you get the betrayed blade in yo-Kai watch?

Find at the end of the quest “An Offered Sword.” This quest is obtained from a lady at the Fortune hospital in Downtown Springdale. Go to the Yo-kai World and fight Reuknight until you obtain the Betrayed Blade.

How do you evolve Hissfit?

Hissfit evolves into Zerberker when fused with a Raging Blade.

How do you get a typhoon fan in Yo-kai Watch?

Find at the end of the quest “Take Out Tengu!” This quest can be obtained from Eddie’s mom in Breezy Hills. Go to Infinite Inferno and obtain the Typhoon Fan from Greesel. It will randomly drop.

Where is hooligan road Yo-kai Watch?

Hooligan Road is an area located in the Yo-kai World that appears in the Yo-kai Watch games.

What level does Roughraff evolve?

Roughraff evolves into Badude starting at Level 25, from Yo-kai Watch to Yo-kai Watch 3, Jibanyan evolves into Baddinyan when fused this Yo-kai, and as of Yo-kai Watch 3, can evolves into Roughgraff when fused with Starry Spangles.

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How do you get a Brushido?

Brushido is automatically befriended at the end of chapter 1 in the main storyline. He can also be found underneath cars, vending machines, and trash cans in Uptown Springdale, or in the Desolate Lane.

What can you fuse Hissfit with?

Fusion and Evolution Hissfit can be fused with a Raging Blade to evolve into Zerberker.

How strong is Snartle?

In the games, Snartle is very powerful even by S-rank Yo-kai standards, as he can single-handily wipe out an ill-prepared team of six Yo-kai. It should be noted that the Traffic Light-event Snartle’s power is influenced by the Watch Rank of the player’s Yo-kai Watch.

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