Yokai Watch 2 Comment Avoir Shogunyan?

What Yokai do you need for Shogunyan?

Like the Legendary Gilgaros, you will need all 8 tribes for this Legendary Yo-Kai. Jibanyan, Tattletell, Dismarelda, and Draggie can be gotten in the story mode, the others can be gotten whenever you like.

How do you get Swelterrier in Yokai Watch 2?

Yo-kai Watch 2 Swelterrier can appear under 11,000 yards in the Infinite Tunnel. He can also be freed from the Oni Crank-a-kai. As of the Oni Evolution Update, he can also be freed from the Happy-Go-Lucky Crank-a-kai.

What rank is Draaagin?

‘Draaagin (Japanese: ‘, Draaagin) is a Rank B Ice-attribute Yo-kai of the Slippery tribe.

How do you get Castelius 3 in yo-Kai watch 1?

Castelius III can be found in Gates of Whimsy and in Breezy Hills under vending machines. He can also be found around Breezy Hills under cars, as well as in Mystery Way and the Construction Site. Alternatively, Castelius III can be freed from the Crank-a-kai with an Orange Coin in the present.

What food does Venoct like?

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble Venoct Awoken has no favorite food.

How do you get Draggie?

After initially finding Draggie at the Gourd Pond Museum, Draggie can be found at the Abandoned Tunnel East. However, Draaagin is needed to access this area.

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How do I get Happierre?

Happierre can be found in trees in Uptown Springdale during day. He can be also freed from the Crank-a-kai using a Green Coin.

How do you get Tomnyan?

Tomnyan can be befriended upon completing the Yo-kai Circle Advance Army of Advance with the following Yo-kai.

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